Panoramic view of the Roman theatre in Palmyra, Syria.

This poem is inspired by the events at the site of the Roman Theatre at Palmyra. This a Roman theatre in  ancient  Palmyra in the Syrian desert. It was in this ancient place, that ISIS, or ISIL, Islamic Sate of Iraq and the Levant, seized the Palmyra site, in May  2015. In  July it presented hideous  video footage to the wider world, showing members of it’s terrorist organisation, lining up 25 adult  male captives dressed in dark fatigues, knelt in front of them on the Palmyra theatre stage.The ISIS members then executed all 25 captives , they were each, at the same time, shot in the head.


In poignant words, from someone effected, Mamoun Abdulkarim, Director of the Syrian Government agency for antiquities and museums stated “Using the Roman theatre to execute people proves that these people are against humanity.”


In December 2016 ISIL destroyed the facade of the theatre.




By  Lorenzo  Cherin


    Theatre of blood 

    Theatre of war 

    Theatre of mud                  

    Theatre of yore



    Theatre of absurd

    Theatre of scholars   

    Theatre of unheard   

    Theatre of horrors



    Theatre of cruelty   

    Theatre of civility           

    Theatre of foolery   

    Theatre of futility



    Theatre of classics

    Theatre of classicists     

    Theatre of fanatics   

    Theatre of fascists



    Theatre of Nero’s     

    Theatre of knaves     

    Theatre of heroes       

    Theatre of slaves



    Theatre of Caligula   

    Theatre of the mind   

    Theatre of Palmyra   

    Theatre of its kind                                                                                                                                                                                  


    Theatre of Roman     

    Theatre of Romance   

    Theatre of no man       

    Theatreland, no man’s



    Theatre of poets             

    Theatre of plays   

    Theatre of no, it’s

    No theatre these days                                                                                                                    


    Theatre of here     

    Theatre of how?           

    Theatre of near   

    Theatre? Not now



     Theatre of blood   

     Theatre of war   

     Theatre of mud     

     Theatre, no more!                                                                                                                                         





































































































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